The Creation of 15 Fathoms

The Creation of 15 Fathoms

The concept of 15 Fathoms started in 2012. I was new a brand new Navy Diver and discovered that the diving community didn't have a clothing company that targeted our dive generation.  I hoped to change that, and create a clothing line that united divers internationally.  

While on deployment in the Middle East and all around Southeast Asia, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with divers from all over the globe.  It was during these dives that I realized that once we launch, we are speaking a universal language.  We have our own unique culture that unites us all. 

It was these humbling experiences that reignited my vision for 15 Fathoms.  Through the power of social media and global networking, I decided to create a brand that would unify divers from all over the world.  

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