Be Together

Be Together

Many of us have had that Christmas: deployed, on duty, on watch, working, or just away from family. It's difficult being alone for the holidays.  No matter what amount of money you're earning, it's just not like being home with loved ones. But we do it. We make those sacrifices when we have to, because we love our country, or want to provide more for ourselves and our family.  Although some of us may be alone, we don’t have to feel lonely over the holidays.  

 During my time as a Navy Diver, I had quite a few excellent leaders who made sure that no one felt alone over the holidays. It's a hard fact that someone will be at a dive command with a recompression chamber 24/7.  Typically the lower ranking guys have to man chamber watch on Christmas Day and Eve. The best leaders I worked for always made sure the man or woman on watch had someone coming to bring them a plate of food. It's nice to have something warm to eat, but honestly, it's more about feeling cared for, and thought of while alone on watch. A simple gesture such as visiting someone at work with a plate of food can really make someone's entire Christmas.  

 The holidays can be difficult.  Be that person who brightens up someone’s day.  Join us here at 15 Fathoms and take part in our “Be Together” challenge.  

 Over the holidays, visit someone who is alone on watch, at work, or away from family.  Bring them a plate of food, and snap a photo of your kind gesture.  Send us your photo through a DM on Instagram.  We’ll pick one random photo and reward that person with a package of 15 Fathoms gear.  

 Spread joy, kindness, and love over the holidays.  Join us, and #betogether this Christmas.  

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